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How to set up

You can easily connect CM as SMS Gateway to your IDENTIKEY appliance.
Go to the Message Delivery Component and use the settings as explained in the extensive PDF manual on configuring CM as SMS Gateway for Vasco.

About CM

CM Telecom is an SMS Gateway supplier. We make easy integration with existing applications possible.

One Time Passwords can be sent as an SMS message to ensure their deliverability. If you connect with CM's SMS Gateway, a free test account will be opened for immediate testing.

Your connection will be monitored 24/7 and supported by CM's Network Operation Center. CM can guarantee a high throughput (>2000 SMS/sec) and low latency
(> 5 sec) and is connected to over 180 countries.

  • Guaranteed delivery in 6 seconds
  • Approved by banks and governments
  • Secure through direct connections

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